1. Why have you contacted me to check my payment?
Your order is being processed by Gamiss payment verification team, this is a standard procedure to make sure all transactions made on Gamiss are authorized and your future purchases will be processed in top priority.


2. What should I do to process my order?
You can provide proof that you are the person who paid for the order.
If the order was paid by another person, please provide proof that the cardholder made/authorized the payment.


3. Payment verification has been done by my bank or PayPal already, is it necessary for you to verify the payment again?
When you pay us, the payment from your credit card, bank card or PayPal account is  processed by a third party (e.g. PayPal, GC or other payment company) instead of Gamiss. Therefore, we have not seen any of your financial details and we have no access to know whether payments on Gamiss are indeed made by the real account owner. Customer’s financial safety may be threatened by payment fraud and Gamiss may also suffer from both economic and reputation loss due to unauthorized purchases.


4. What kind of documents do I need to provide?
Please provide two copies of the payers credit card and ID proof (Alternatives can be National Identity Card, Drivers License, Passport or recent utility bill).

Credit Card


Driver License

*For you privacy, Please hide sensitive data such as ID/Passport/Driving license number, and date of birth etc.


5. You are the first online retailer who has requested copies of my credit card and utility bill which in itself sounds fraudulent.
Please rest assured that we are a legally registered company. Payment verification is conducted by reviewing data from all aspects, aiming at ensuring payment safety for our customer. We work hard to confirm that the transaction we review is indeed authorized by the cardholder or account owner.


6. How will you deal with my documents when this verification is completed?
Documents you provide will be deleted from our system as soon as payment verification is completed. We guarantee your data will never be shared with or sold to any third party.
What’s more, all Gamiss payment risk agents have signed a confidential agreement when they conduct their on boarding process, and they are the only group that is allowed to access customer’s information used in this verification.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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